The Montreal Autism Assessment Clinic CEVAM is developing its services.

Madame, Sir,

After three years of working part-time in the diagnosis of ASD for the French-speaking population of Quebec, the intensity of needs amongst Quebec’s English speaking communities has multiplied. Therefore, CEVAM is developing its practice in English and along several axes :

  • Our priority is to meet reasonable timelines to provide diagnostic services for ASD. The time spent on assessments will be doubled and so the waiting time will be reduced.
  • Faced with the growing demand from Anglophone-speaking communities, we will offer services and reports in English for families who request it.
  • We are expanding our team with the services of a secretary, a speech therapist and a psychologist trainee. Our assessments will be even more precise. If families wish, professionals will provide complementary assessments and follow-up, offering expertise from the multi-disciplinary team under the supervision of a child psychiatrist specialized in the field.
  • In the coming year, we have other recruitment projects (occupational therapist, neuropsychologist, osteopath, alongside other specialists) and support services that will allow us to move towards a more comprehensive care of families. We will inform you as and when we set up our new services that include home visits and on our new premises.

The expansion of our services has led us to relocate to Suite 250, 1 Place du Commerce on Verdun (Nun’s Island). With easy parking and large clinic rooms.

A speech therapist is now part of our team. You can contact her now.

Sabine Barbier, email at: info@cevamtl.com