Assessment and diagnosis

A consultation with our nurse on the premises of the clinic or by telephone contact will enable us to collect information regarding medical history and development of the person referred to the clinic. Your case will be presented to our psychiatrist / child psychiatrist, who will review the details of your case before meeting with you for the next stage in our assessment process.

Autism Diagnosis Interview-Revised (ADI-R) is done by a psychiatrist or child psychiatrist :
This detailed interview is conducted with a close relative (preferably a parent or caregiver) who can recall the person’s development during the first years of life. It is standardized, allowing for a quantifiable interpretation and is internationally recognized as a reference tool for diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This assessment is performed by a Clinician  and interpreted by the psychiatrist / child psychiatrist within our multi-disciplinary team. The results are explained in the final report.

Cost: Covered by the RAMQ (Health Insurance card)

Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule (ADOS) :
This assessment requires a specific technicality because it is designed in accordance with the current level of verbal functioning and chronological age of the person. The ADOS is concerned with the person’s abilities currently. Integrating appropriate tasks and questions about daily functioning, it is not a test of cognitive capacities. Instead it is concerned with the abilities of the person within social situations which, in turn, will enable a precise and quantifiable assessment. This ADOS is standardized and, along with the ADI-R, is the international reference for diagnosing autism. ADOS can also be used to measure progress.

Cost: Covered by the RAMQ (Health Insurance card)

Drafting and submission of the report :
As already indicated for ADOS and ADI-R, the assessments and results of the complementary tests will be collated and presented in the final report by our psychiatrist / child psychiatrist.

Cost: Covered by the RAMQ (Health Insurance card)

Additional evaluations in the network :
It is very often important to check whether the elements brought by relatives in the ADI-R and those found directly in evaluation or with the ADOS are also present in a broader context. It may be necessary to obtain additional information from those who are part of the larger network of the person (teachers, extended family, other allied professionals). Information will be collected by telephone or by observation and will either be incorporated into the evaluation report or provided independently, depending on the context of your enquiry.

CEVAM Conference Program: (COMING for 2018)

My child or loved one has just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, what does it mean? What should I do ? How to do it?

  • ASD, what is it?
  • Assessments and complementary tests, what are they? What should we expect?
  • What are the needs and possible progress of my child (my relative)?
  • What tools do you need to set up at home? (2 sessions)
  • And what specific tools outside of the home? (2 sessions)
  • Parents, full members of the team! Open questions session.

The conferences will be held at the clinic, Tuesdays from 7pm to 8:30 pm and are reserved for the families of patients assessed by the CEVAM team. The context will be constructive and within a small group facilitated by the members of our team.

Reservation required by email.

Cost: (To be announced)

Intervention for the person with ASD and their environment

Intervention service is temporarily interrupted. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Tool Implementation Program MEPO in accordance with the SACCADE method :
Trained in the SACCADE model and its reading of the internal workings, the CEVAM workers analyze the overall situation of the person. They put in place interventions according to the specific needs and the level of development of the person. Conceptual language and other tools will be individualized.
Cost: * $ 648 for a set of 12 hours payable by cheque or cash in 2 installments.
($ 324 for the first portion and $ 324 when the action plan is presented)

The MEPO Program can be extended to allow the person’s loved ones to fully integrate the tools into their daily lives. The program can also be developed in the school, professional or recreational environment. It is not uncommon for the caregiver or parent to believe that the acquisition of language makes it possible to do without visual tools to obtain progress. However,  this is an essential component for improving the cognitive functioning related behaviours. Stereotyped learning in particular contexts is very often not generalizable and can lead people with ASD into an emotional impasse.

Cost: * $ 54 / hr (minimum 2 hours per visit)

* Our rates include travel expenses.
For people living outside the area, travel expenses will be added, depending on the region.


Dr Eric Billon,M.D.                                                                                                                                            Psychiatrist, C.M.Q. Child Psychiatrist, C.M.Q.                                                                                       Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry,                                                                                   Université de Montréal                                                                                                                             Medical Director of CEVAM