Our team :


Eric Billon, M.D., Psychiatrist C.M.Q., Associate Professor from the Université de Montréal, founder and director of The Montreal Autism Assessment Clinic CEVAM


A psychiatrist and a child psychiatrist trained in the SACCADE method, whose career path evolved in 2006 when he established the Autism Resource Center of Martinique and created a home and educational intervention service for children with ASD on the Island.

By creating the Montreal Autism Assessment Clinic, he intends to provide significant assistance in the field of diagnosis of ASD for both children and adolescents and adults who have not been evaluated. Rich in his experience of child psychiatry in the region, structuring of the autism sector in Martinique and his practice in adult psychiatry at the CHUM, he intends to gradually develop adapted and innovative services for families by integrating information and communication technologies. Communication to the practice of his team. Aware of the interest of our young and old for connected tablets, he created an application ( that helps the structuring of the agenda, the explanation of situations by the conceptual language and different possible choices of activities. It intends to promote a dynamic and rapidly available professional / parent interface to limit behavioural problems and thus support the progression of people with ASD.

photo-LucieLemonde Lucie Lemonde,

Graduated as a nurse in 1984, Lucie acquired her experience in various specialties in hospital settings. She worked for the last fifteen years in the field of psychiatry, both in an acute care and in the outpatient hospital.

She took part in the follow-up of patients and their families, in collaboration with the care team. Among other proficiencies, to develop listening skills and empathy.
In order to broaden her skills, she has also followed various training courses, including in psychotherapy.

Passionate about her job as a nurse, she is now with interest and enthusiasm working at CEVAM and continuing her training in autism spectrum disorders.

Althea Tempier,
M.Sc. Psychologist Trainee

Althea Tempier, M.Sc. Psychological Trainee

Althea holds a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University College London, United Kingdom. Althea is currently aiming towards being a fully qualified psychologist.

Althea has over fifteen years of experience working with children and adults with autism across clinic, research and communities, in Canada and the United Kingdom. In clinic she worked at the Service for Complex Autism and Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders (SCAAND) at the Michael Rutter Centre for Children and young people in London. Within a multi-disciplinary team of professionals the main objective was to support families who sought assessment and comprehensive management of their child’s needs.

ADOS and ADI-R assessments, being essential measures of autism, teamed with other cognitive measures and psychoeducation groups are central to Althea’s practice. It is this training that Althea carries into her practice at CEVAM. Given that CEVAM offers bilingual services, Althea will serve primarily Anglophone families, whilst working under the supervision of Dr Billon. Alongside evidence-based approaches, Althea integrates yoga, mindfulness and techniques to reduce stress.

 Sabine Barbier, othophoniste (nov. 2017) Sabine Barbier,
Speech-Language pathologist

Sabine completed a master’s degree in speech-language pathology at the University of Ottawa in 2000. Since then, she has worked in a variety of settings (schools, community organizations, rehabilitation centers, private settings). Her clinical experience led her to work with children with various portraits: delay and speech disorder, verbal dyspraxia, stuttering, autism, ADHD.

In recent years, she has been passionate about the practice of speech therapy in children with ASD. She has followed several recognized courses in the field of autism, including those of the SACCADE approach with Brigitte Harrisson and Lise St-Charles, as well as several trainings of Julie McIntyre, Speech Language Pathologist. Her experience in the field of autism and the different challenges for each family led her to continually train and regularly explore new areas of intervention.

Passionate about the workings of the human, Sabine is also interested in the fields of neuroscience and the overall well-being of the person. She completed a training in yoga teaching in 2011 and in 2013, a massotherapy (shiatsu) training. She does not hesitate, where relevant, to use all her experiences to provide the best possible service for each person. She wants to guide families so that they flourish despite the challenges they face every day with a different child.