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autism spectrum disorder


IMPORTANT : Please ensure that you carefully read all instructions before you begin the registration process. By doing this, you avoid unnecessary delay or refusal of your referral.

As we are a bilingual clinic, we conduct assessments in French and English for all RAMQ-eligible children and adults over the age of 2.

The cost of this evaluation is covered by the Québec Medicare Plan (RAMQ, medicare card).

MANDATORY MEDICAL REFERRAL : You must have your medical referral in your possession. It must be addressed to a psychiatrist, a child psychiatrist, or specifically to CEVAM, with the following elements:

  • The full name of the person to be assessed, their medicare number and their date of birth,

  • The referral must clearly state: " PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENT FOR ASD ",

  • List the presence of major clinical signs suggestive of ASD,

  • Significant history, if relevant,

  • The full name of the physician requesting the assessment, their signature and license number.

If the medical referral is not valid, the referral for assessement may not be accepted. To register on our site, you will be required to upload a scanned copy (image or word) of the medical referral.


  • L'utilisation du navigateur  Google Chrome  est essentielle au bon fonctionnement du logiciel d'inscription.

  • Il est recommandé DE NE PAS utiliser un cellulaire  pour remplir les questionnaires d'inscription.

  • Attention, il arrive régulièrement que les courriels de CEVAM soient distribués dans les indésirables (spams, pourriel, « junk mail »). Pour éviter cette situation, veuillez  inscrire info@cevamtl.com dans vos contacts  et vérifier ceux-ci régulièrement.

  • Pour utiliser les liens d’accès à votre espace-patient qui sont disponibles dans les courriels de notre part, votre session doit être déconnectée.

  • Assurez-vous que votre ordinateur est programmé avec l'heure avancée de l'est, sinon les heures de rendez-vous pourraient différés.

RELEVANT DOCUMENTS : Alongside your medical referral, you will also be asked to attach relevant documents from professional assessments, particularly those conducted during childhood, if available. Such relevant documents may include available records of assessments by psychologists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, as well as observations by educator and teachers as well as other allied professionals, such as DYP, must be attached to your file.

PARENT/GUARDIAN/SIGNIFICANT OTHER : Some of the standardised measures used in our clinic include questions that pertain to the patient's 4th and 5th years of age. As a result, we require that all patients, including adults, be supported at registration, by someone who knew them well and can reliably answer questions pertaining to the period when the patient was 4-5 years old. Similarly, during the first appointment, the patient must be accompanied by a person who knew him/her at the age of 4-5 years. if the person cannot present in person to our clinic, they may attend via telephone or video conference. We will not be able to proceed with the ASD assessment if this requirement is not met.

REGISTRATION ON THE WEBSITE : By clicking on " New Application ", you will be asked for you email address. You will then receive the link by email to " Create you Access " that will enable you to create your password and access your patient space where the questionnaires to be filled out are located. For adult patient, please remember that someone who knew you very well at a young age must answer some questions for you.

Your access to the medical case history will be maintained until your file is analyzed by our team. You will be able to save and return to it to modify your answers or add documents, in the early stages of the process. However, the SCQ questionnaire can only be completed once. The waiting time varies according to the growing demand of referrals, the age of the patient and the particularities of the file. Currently, the waiting list is approximately 5 months.

COVID POLICY : In accordance with government guidelines regarding the social distancing of patients, we conduct assessments either at our clinic at 1 Place du Commerce on Nuns' Island, or by videoconference, if necessary. In fact, in accordance with current guidelines, we may offer to use telemedicine to begin the assessment process. In this context, you may be contacted to discuss this and we will discuss with you the technical feasibility of this mode of assessment. Of course, if this is not technically possible or if you refuse such a process, your order of registration will be maintained and you will be seen as soon as possible.

Wishing you all the very best during this difficult period and kindly advise that you follow the preventative measures.