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éric Billon
M.D. Psychiatrist C.M.Q., Clinical Lecturor for the Department of Psychiatry of the Montreal University and founder of the Montreal Autism Assessment Clinic 

Psychiatrist and Child Psychiatrist specializing in the identification and diagnosis of ASD for nearly 20 years, he developed the Autism Resources Center of Martinique and created a service for home and educational interventions for children with ASD.

Since the launch of CEVAM in 2014, his mission has been to contribute to accelerating the diagnostic and treatment pathway of ASD for children, adolescents and adults. With a wealth of experience in child psychiatry in remote Quebec (from 1990 to 2008) and his pratice in adult psychiatry at CHUM, he plans to gradually develop adaptive and innovative services for families by integrating information and communication technologies, as part of CEVAM's services. Also, as part of his goal to promote a more dynamic professional / patient relationship, as part of his duties as a lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the Université de Montréal, he aims to interest students and early career psychiatrists in new diagnostic approaches. He is also involved in clinical research activities with McGill University.

Dre Delphine Daignault
M.D. Psychiatrist, FRCPC

Dr. Daignault-Leclerc completed her training in psychiatry at the Université de Montréal in 2019, and has since enthusiastically joined our team. By leading assessments of people with symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, she hopes to expedite the care of patients and families living with this diagnosis, and in turn, facilitate the pathway for accessing appropriate services tailored to her patients' unique needs. 

She is trained in several psychotherapy modalities, including mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. By promoting early identification of patients with ASD, she hopes to provide them with access to appropriate tools so that they can reach their full potential. 

M.D. Psychiatrist, MSc. 

Dr. Poirier studied medicine at the Unviersité de Laval. In addition to medicine, she completed a master's degree in neurobiology. She then specialized in psychiatry at McGill University and continued with a subspecialty at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Poirier has had an interest in neurodevelopmental disorders for many years. She has been working with people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder since the beginning of her university studies. She joins the team with enthusiam. She hopes to facilitate access to ASD screening in order to promote a better pathway and better management in the community, if necessary. 

Emmanuelle Dionne-Dostie

Dre  Emmanuelle Dionne-Dostie completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology (2009) and a PhD (2018) in Clinical Neuropsychology, Research and Intervention Profile, at the Université de Montréal. She has been a member of the Order of Psychologist of Quebec since 2018 and holds the certificate for the evaluation of neurpsychological disorders.
She specializes in the cognitive assessment of neuro-developmental disorders (ex: attention deficit disorder with or whitout hyperactivity, learning disability, non-verbal dysfunction syndrome, Gilles de la Tourette) in children, teenagers and adults. She also has considerable knowledge of cognitive disorders arising from a psychiatric condition (ex: psychotic disorders, mood disorders). 

During her doctoral training, she gained rich experience in child psychiatry (2-18 years), notably by undertaking interships in the Clinical Assessment Clinic for Autism Spectrum Disorder and of the Attention Deficit Clinic at Rivière-des-Prairies Hospital (HRDP). She is trained in the administration and interpretation of ADOS-2 and ADI-R assessment tools and has been engaged in private pratice in neuropsychology since 2016. She joined the CEVAM team in 2019 and provides detailed analysis of cognitive problems, specific to people with ASD and/or ADHD.  

Lucie Lemonde

Graduating as a nurse in 1984, Lucie acquired her experience across various specialties in hospital environments. Prior to joining CEVAM, she worked for 15 years in psychiatric wards, both in in-patient and out-patient services. 

She took part in the follow-up of the patients and their families, in collaboration with the care team. This allowed her, among other things, to develop appropriate therapeutic skills necessary in her work with patients. In order to broaden her skills, she actively engages in various training courses, including one in psychotherapy, cardiac coherence and, of course, autism.

Passionate about herrole as a nurse, it's with interest and enthusiam that she now works at CEVAM since its launch.

Magalie Thibault
Baccalaureate Nurse  

A baccalaureate nurse who graduated in 1996, Magalie joined the CEVAM team in October 2018 to take on new challenges in broaden her scope of expertise to people with ADS. Her dynamism and communication skills are an invaluable asset and, combined with her background in clinical software development, have been instrumental in CEVAM's systems advancement. 

Previously, Magalie was passionte about her part-time work with families in the perinatal department of Sainte-Justine Hospital for almost 20 years. 

Althéa Tempier
M.Sc. Psychologist Trainee

Althéa is preparing to practice the profession of psychologist. 

Althéa has nineteen years of experience working with children and adults with autism. Prior to joining our CEVAM team, she worked at the Maudsley Hospital in London, UK in the Complex Autism and Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders Service (SCAAND) part of the Michael Rutter Center for Children and Adolescents. 

She offers individual, group coaching and psycho-education sessions for patients and their families. She also intergrates complementary approaches including mindfulness and stress reduction techniques as well as evidence-based methods such as cognitive-behavioral techniques. Since she is trained in ADOS-2 and ADI-R, standardized measures that are part of the diagnostic protocol, she is also involved in the assessment process.

Being bilingual she also mainly serves our growing English-speaking families under the supervision of Dr. Billon. 

Les évaluations ADOS et ADI-R, des mesures essentielles de l’autisme, les mesures cognitives et les groupes de psychoéducation sont au cœur de la pratique d’Althéa. C’est cette formation qu’Althéa apporte à sa pratique à CEVAM. Étant donné que CEVAM offre des services bilingues, Althéa desservira principalement les familles, tout en travaillant sous la supervision du Dr Billon. Althéa intègre aussi dans son approche des méthodes complémentaires et alternatives y compris le yoga, la pleine conscience et les techniques de réduction du stress.

stéphanie willem 
Specialized educator 

Stéphanie graduated from IRTS, Paris X in France in 2009.

Her career began in 1998 as an educator-monitor and then developed within several establishments of the French medico-social system.

After many years spent working with children with behavioral disorders, accompanying families and working within a multidisciplinary team, she enthusiasticlly joined the CEVAM team to develop new skills related to ASD and build on her existing wealth of experience.

Lise Régis

Since March 2018, the clinic has secured the services of Lise to facilitate and support administrative duties. She ensures the proper management of appointments and compliance with the admission protocol. She left the financial field behind, bringing her efficient work ethic and positive energy to the team. 

« Previously, I was working in the recovery field as an administrative assistant and I was in dire need of a change. When I was selected, I was pleasantly suprised by how friendly, dynamic and professional CEVAM was. I have been with them since March 2018 and I am very happy with it.  »