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autism spectrum disorder

Please be sure to review all of the instructions below to facilitate the registration process.

The use of the Google Chrome browser is essential for the proper functioning of the registration software. 

 Cell phones are not recommended for completing registration forms. 

It happens regularly that CEVAM's emails are distributed in junk mail. To avoid this situation, please register info@cevamtl.com in your contacts and check your spam folder regularly. 

To use the "My Space" access links that are provided in emails from CEVAM, you must be logged out.

Make sure your computer is set to EST (North American Eastern Standard Time, UTC-5 time zone), otherwise appointment times may be delayed.

          Waiting times vary depending on the flow of requests, the age of the patient and the specifics of the case. Currently the waiting list is approximately 5 months. 

ACCOMPANIED: The questionnaires include many questions referring to the 4-5 year old period.  The adult patient must be accompanied at registration by someone who knew him/her very well at that age in order to provide accurate answers. At the first clinical appointment, the patient, of any age, must be accompanied by a person who knew him/her intimately at the age of 4-5 years. Participation can be by telephone or video conference.  It will not be possible to proceed with an ASD assessment if this condition is not met.

E-MAIL COMMUNICATION: It is important that all email communication include the name of the child or person to be assessed and their date of birth in the title of the email. 

  •  If you need to submit health reports or documents related to an appointment, please use RVetRapports@cevamtl.com

  •  For all other questions, the address is info@cevamtl.com

    The production of the various certificates (government, taxes, grant applications, insurance, etc.) will be billed to the patient at the prices recommended by the association of psychiatrists of Quebec and completed within three months following the submission of the report. Requests for certificates can only be made after receipt of the diagnostic report.